Best Time to Visit Charleston SC

Best Time to Visit Charleston SC

The Best Time to Visit Charleston, SC – And Why!

If you’re thinking about visiting the Charleston area, your first concern may be when the best time to visit Charleston, SC will be – or if you should visit at all. The weather and the crowds can vary drastically depending on when you go, but some times are better than others if you’re looking to have an amazing time! Here’s what you need to know about visiting Charleston in the fall and why it’s one of the best times to visit!

When is the busiest season in Charleston? To Know the Best time to visit Charleston, SC

The best time to visit Charleston is during its slower season. The warmer weather months are prime for tourists in The Holy City. From April through October, you’ll be able to take part in food festivals and outdoor activities with some of your favorite people. However, if you want to avoid large crowds and save a few bucks on accommodations, consider visiting Charleston between November and March. These colder months offer plenty of indoor entertainment options like museums and shopping centers. If you do decide to travel during these colder seasons, make sure that you pack warm clothes so that you can fully enjoy all that Charleston has to offer.

How cold does it get in the winter?

It doesn’t get terribly cold in Charleston during the winter months. In January, temperatures average 55 degrees Fahrenheit and only dip as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. As for snowfall, chances are slim that you’ll see any flakes fall from the sky—especially in downtown Charleston—but there is a small chance that you could get an accumulation of one inch or less. The best time to visit Charleston if you want to experience snow? Late December through early February.

What are the average high and low temperatures in June?

If you love spending time outside, June is a great month to visit Charleston. The average high temperature in Charleston in June is 87°F and the low is 69°F. This makes it both warm enough for sunbathing and also perfect for fun activities like swimming. In fact, Charleston is one of only two cities in North America that has an oceanfront climate with no hot or cold season. This means that even though temperatures are relatively mild year-round, there’s no extreme change between seasons.

When are the most popular months to travel?

Charleston is a popular destination any time of year. However, April through October are prime vacation months. Fall is beautiful in Charleston with its richly colored leaves and mild weather. Summer brings warmer temperatures and kids out of school for many families. If you prefer cooler temperatures and shorter lines at attractions, plan your trip during the spring or winter months.

What should I expect on a rainy day in October?

We’re told it rains in Charleston all summer long, but that isn’t true. In fact, you can expect a beautiful sunny day once every ten days in October. Your best bet for avoiding the rain is visiting mid-day or early afternoon; we have fewer thunderstorms during these times of the day. You should also plan your trip to Charleston around long weekends like Labor Day and Memorial Day; there are likely fewer tourists here than on weekdays, which means more sunshine as well!


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