Charleston Southern Restaurants

Best Southern Martha Lou's

Martha Lou’s Kitchen Charleston, S.C.

Martha Lou's Kitchen Charleston, S.C. On Morrison Drive, there's a small pink-painted structure that bills itself as a "roll your eyes it's so wonderful" soul food restaurant, and for many, that's precisely what a Martha Lou's Kitchenlunch is all about. This welcoming and pleasant venue is located in a rapidly expanding region of north Downtown, and it has been serving people from Charleston and...

Best Southern Page's okra

Page’s Okra Grill Charleston, S.C.

Page's Okra Grill Charleston, S.C. Page's Okra Grill in Mount Pleasant is a laid-back Southern restaurant that has been offering "nearby cuisine for locals" since its inception in 2006. The Page family owns and operates this restaurant, which is overseen by executive chef Ashleigh Page and her sister, General Manager Courtney. This casual cafe has a warm and pleasant atmosphere, outdoor seating, and...

Best Southern Callie's

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Charleston, S.C.

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Charleston, S.C. When you're craving something different, stop by Callie's Hot Little Biscuit for breakfast, lunch, or even a late-night snack made from scratch Southern biscuits. This modest bakery restaurant offers a large selection of topped and filled biscuits for $5 for three or $19 for a baker's dozen. Examine the following 7 types of hot tiny biscuits: Buttermilk...

Best Southern Early bird

The Early Bird Diner Charleston, S.C.

The Early Bird Diner Charleston, S.C. With a vast range of breakfast, lunch, supper, and late-night hot plates, this welcoming, budget-friendly West Ashley Diner offers a true southern experience to locals and tourists in Charleston. The Early Bird Diner is one of Charleston's finest restaurants. The Early Bird Diner which lives up to its name by offering late-night service until 4 a.m. on the...

Best Southern glass onion

Glass Onion Charleston, S.C.

Glass Onion Charleston, S.C. This Restaurant located immediately over the Ashley River from Downtown Charleston, draws both residents and visitors with its classic Southern comfort cuisine and family-friendly ambiance. The glass onion inspired a White Album Beatles song, yet it may be as famous for its Tuesday fried chicken dinners. This weekday dinner special is in high demand, therefore reservations...

Best Southern Pogan's porch

Pogan’s Porch Charleston, S.C.

Pogan's Porch Charleston, S.C. Poogan's Porch is a renowned culinary Landmark in Charleston, serving a slice of the Lowcountry's greatest Southern fare from its beautiful cottage setting for a long time. Expect delectably pre-arranged platters of traditional Southern cuisine presented in a modern approach using locally sourced ingredients. Pogan's Porch is open 365 days a year, giving it the ideal...

Best Southern Cru Cafe

Cru Cafe Charleston, S.C.

Cru Cafe Charleston, S.C. Cru Cafe, ideally located on Pinckney Street across from Charleston's carriage tour firms, provides connoisseur-style combinations of traditional Southern foods and ingredients at a genuinely reasonable price. The cuisine at Cru features a sophisticated, witty take of Southern classics as well as culturally influenced appetizers and entrees, all elegantly presented. Stop by Cru...

Best Southern Husk

Husk Charleston, S.C.

HUSK CHARLESTON, S.C. Husk, one of the Southeast's most popular restaurants, is tucked away a quiet stretch of Queen Street downtown, only a few steps from the harbor. The simple home-style structure is a great setting for the friendly and inviting services, as well as the traditional dishes provided within. You won't be able to make a bad menu choice, from brunch to lunch, supper, and dessert. Menus vary...

Best Southern Restaurants

Best Southern Restaurants in Charleston

Best Southern Restaurants in Charleston  Charleston is the culinary goal of the deep South, with its own unique style of Southern cooking that distinguishes it from other provincial gourmet hotspots. Charleston's chefs and restaurants benefit from a warm environment as well as an untapped wealth of local fruits, meats, and, of course, seafood from the neighboring inlets and ports. This ideal combination...

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