A Condominium, or “condo” for brief is certainly considered one among many houses inside one constructing or a sequence of buildings on one piece of land. Each rental proprietor on their unit within side the large network in the building or property. This approach condo proprietors keep the name to their unit, however additionally together very own the shared common regions of the network. For example, condo proprietors can experience network polls, gyms and garages which are frequented through fellow citizens of the building.

Our rental is a brilliant choice for house owners who need extra flexibility and simplicity. Most condo’s most effective required proprietors to keep the interior of their home, even as the HOA covers common areas and the exterior. When selecting among kinds of houses, condos are frequently priced decrease than single family houses and have decrease taxes too.


Condos can range in their structure and physical appearance. Aside from a big building comparable in looks to an condo complex, there are two common sorts of condominiums.

DUPLEX ( Condominium)

A two tale condo unit. This can also additionally appear like a town-home, however with two units.

Triplex ( Condominium)

Same as a duplex condo however housing three units within one building.

Things to maintain in mind at the same time as thinking about a Condo

It’s also essential to note while thinking about a condo that this sort of house is different from an apartment. Similar to a condo, an apartment is a unit within a bigger constructing or network. However, all condo units are owned through one proprietor or entity instead of every unit being owned individually. Ultimately, apartments are rented to tenants, even as you own a condo.

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