How it started

One of my main life goals was to live by the beach, no beach in particular but one that offered the luxury of small town feel with plenty to do during the off season. Cue childhood friend’s relocating to Charleston at the direction of the U.S. Airforce in 2013 and my general curiosity that lead to my discovery of this wonderful place. Immediately I researched all the beaches and what each one had to offer. It should come as no surprise that after visiting them several times over the course of four years and living vicariously through the life Charleston afforded them, I was convinced that at some point in my life, I needed to call Charleston home.

Finally in 2018, we made the jump; packed all we owned in a u-haul, threw three kids under 5 in the minivan (thank the good Lord that’s gone), & headed South with the idea that “beach life is best life”. We literally knew no-one, as the reality of military living had taken our good friends out West, but we didn’t care. Upon arrival in Charleston, my husband immediately started work and I focused on finding housing, as our family of five took up residents in a local Mt. Pleasant hotel. Shocking, I know. With little time to make a housing selection and with the knowledge of a local agent, we settled into a new build within Park West. Like anyone first moving to the area, we could have used an adult lesson book to guide us through the ins/outs of becoming locals. And believe me, there was a massive learning curve with lots of “well didn’t see that coming” and “hmmmm wonder if anyone else knew about that.” Which brings me to my next thought and the revelation for how I got to this point, a real life, local Charleston real estate agent.

I WISH I had someone to walk me through the journey I ventured on almost three years ago and gave me knowledgeable insight upfront vs the later. I would have given my most prized possession (let’s be real, I don’t own one of those) but if I did, I would have given it for someone to equip me with the knowledge needed to make the transition much easier. How does that saying go…When you can’t find the person you need, become that person instead…or something like that. So, here I am. My desire is to ease the process of finding a neighborhood, a home, a school, a restaurant, a park, a beach, or a friend. In doing so, my goal is to make the process of (re) locating to CHS as easy as 123 ABC. Joking, kinda. I want your move to be as seamless as possible and for the journey to be one that you remember, but in a good way. So what are you waiting for…..come on home.

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