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Page’s Thieves Market Charleston

Page’s Thieves Market, located on Mount Pleasant right before Sullivan’s Island, is one of Charleston’s best places to find used furniture, old artifacts, art, and antiques. Allow yourself some time here; there’s plenty to keep you occupied inside (and on the porch) for a long time. Page’s Thieves Market is on the list of Charleston’s Best Local Shopping. 

History of Page’s Thieves Market Charleston

Pages Thieves Market Charleston was formed in 1959 when Carl and Maxine Page were stranded on this side of the river because their travel trailer would not fit across the Old Grace Memorial Bridge. 48 years later, their daughter Linda has transformed an old sawmill into the greatest destination for secondhand furniture, antiques, auctions, and the strange, as voted by THE CHARLESTON CITY PAPER for the past six years. Every day, we have nice used furniture for sale, and Linda is always looking for a good offer!

One of our most popular services has been our incredibly popular Saturday morning auctions; come rain, shine, or cold, we still work hard to provide the finest customer service we can to everyone! Liquidation of whole Estates has become one of our key priorities, which comprises our advertising and selling the complete contents of a property as well as the Real Estate itself, with the emphasis being on a speedy turnaround for the seller, with a transaction happening in as little as 3 weeks if necessary. This thief’s market in Charleston is one of the best in local shopping venues.

Ranging in price from “fixer-upper” furniture to expensive vintage items. New stuff arrives often, and goods sell quickly. New stock arrives often, and items here sell rapidly. If you fall in love with something at Page’s, don’t let it go! It might vanish rapidly. If you enjoy auctions, be sure to visit one of Page’s Thieves Market Charleston auctions, which are hosted on the premises around once a month (check social media pages for exact dates).

If you’re in the Mount Pleasant or Sullivan’s Island area, Page’s Thieves, which is a half antique shop and half homemade gifts and crafts, is worth a stop.

Before you go, check out the Page’s Facebook page for a sneak peek at some of the goods for sale in-store.

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