R Kitchen Charleston, S.C.

R Kitchen

R Kitchen Charleston, S.C.

This tiny however powerful eating place packs in a crowd every day of the week (besides Sundays while R Kitchen is closed for business). Chef and proprietor Ross Web heads a small group of assistant cooks in his assignment right here on Rutledge Ave- to convey low-cost exceptional eating to Downtown Charleston in a comfortable, open and alluring environment. This is one of the Best Restaurant in Charleston.

While they’re at it, R Kitchen gives tons extra to its small organization of visitors at every of 3 nightly seating’s: a $25, 5- direction meal that emphasizes local, seasonal elements and a menu that’s crafted to satisfy the desires and tastes of every visitor in attendance that evening.

Call beforehand for reservations (nightly reservations right here are in excessive demand) and make certain to reveal any nutritional desires or preferences. Chef Rose will cope with your party, and you’ll have the ability to observe every step taken to put together and serve your dinner.R Kitchen food


Why R Kitchen is stated to be Best Value

R Kitchen best has 3 seating’s every night time it’s open, however a walk beyond the eating place at dinnertime proves its recognition and allure.

You can’t get lots higher than five guides for $25, particularly whilst your meal comes along, Consultation of living room kitchen effectively visible from maximum seats with the house (as well as a combination of defector wine).


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