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Why You Should Sell Your Home in the Winter

Selling your home in the winter offers many advantages over trading in the summer. If you’re in the market to sell, don’t miss these five reasons why it’s best to do so when the weather’s cold!

What is the best time to sell your home?

Selling a home during certain times of year may help you sell it faster and for more money. This post will discuss seasonal trends related to home sales and offer advice on when to sell your property.

When should I start looking for a real estate agent?

Depending on your timeline, you should start thinking about hiring a real estate agent anywhere from six months to a year before you plan to put your home on the market. But don’t get too far ahead of yourself; it might be better to start looking for an agent when you first decide to sell—you can interview agents and even take them through a walk-through of your home as part of that process. Amber Dollarhite Real Estate will guide you more.

What types of houses tend to sell first in each season?

Many factors come into play when buying or selling a home. For example, some areas experience more competition, and prices vary depending on your neighborhood. The season you sell your property might affect how much you get for it and how soon it sells. A seasonal fluctuation usually occurs from late spring through early fall, with prices reaching their peak in summer.

Why does timing matter when buying or selling your home?

If you want to sell your home, you may have already picked a specific month and season. If so, your goal is probably to do just that — sell. However, the timing might affect how much money you can get for your home, how quickly it sells, and whether or not you need to make changes before listing it. Here are some tips from Amber Dollarhite Real Estate on why timing matters when buying or selling your home. Amber Dollarhite Real Estate is one of the top-rated real estate companies in Charleston, South Carolina. Amber Dollarhite Real Estate works with buyers and sellers throughout the southern United States, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.

How does timing affect the price range of homes sold?

Home prices are highest in spring and fall and lowest during winter. As shown in figure 1, listed home prices are typically higher from April through October than from November through March. There’s a simple reason: Demand is higher in spring and fall because families are looking to move into a new home or make some much-needed repairs on their existing home.

Will my home be more desirable if I move it during a popular season?

For most homes, yes. People are more likely to want to buy a house if it’s in a beautiful area and surrounded by other places selling quickly. Selling during popular seasons makes your home more desirable, and sales generally happen faster. Plus, you can capitalize on buyer demand by listing your home when there’s high interest. Whether it’s summer or winter, make sure your home stands out with some quick fixes before putting it on the market.

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