Why Charleston?

Why Charleston?

The Magic of Charleston – Why We Fell in Love and Bought a Home Here


Charleston, South Carolina, isn’t just one of the most magical cities in the country; it’s also one of the most beautiful. The city’s historic charm and Southern hospitality are only part of what made us fall in love with it. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and you can feel the love between neighbors who wave to each other as they walk their dogs down the street. We felt so welcomed that we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


Charleston’s Beautiful Scenery

Charleston, SC, is located on a peninsula surrounded by water, which offers beautiful scenery and plenty of waterfront activities. Find the best beaches at Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and Edisto Beach. There are also nature trails for walking or biking throughout Lowcountry. Many locals love fishing from Wappoo Creek Park Bridge (the longest covered bridge in America), Shem Creek Park, and Hampton Park. There are also kayaking trips available on the Ashley River with water taxis to take you upriver. Nearby destinations include Boone Hall Plantation for horseback riding or golfing; Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum to learn about our local Naval history.


Quality of Life

Charleston’s quality of life is unsurpassed. Especially if you’re looking for an area with warm weather, a low cost of living. Gorgeous scenery, great restaurants, and plenty to do. And if you’re hoping to open your own business here? That doesn’t hurt, either! According to Forbes, more people are working from home than ever; two million Americans work from home now. So whether you’re setting up shop at home or are self-employed in another capacity – we feel your pain when looking for reliable high-speed internet service that won’t break your budget. As far as internet providers go, there are many choices, but only one delivers fast-speed Internet without all those unnecessary charges.



The first thing we looked for when looking at homes was to make sure we were buying somewhere to allow us to raise our children. Because our kids are so young, staying near friends, family, and other people with children made sense. In addition, we were quickly surprised by how kid-friendly many areas are here. Families can enjoy outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, or biking in Cooper River Park. I was also amazed by how inexpensive it is for my son to play sports here! As long as he loves soccer (or any other sport), he can continue playing after high school without worrying about paying hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly.


Lower Cost of Living

While living in larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago may seem more exciting. Their cost of living can quickly add up to make them feel less glamorous. By contrast, you can enjoy life more significantly and have more fun. While spending substantially less when you live somewhere like Charleston. The average income is nearly 15% higher than New York City and Los Angeles—and almost 14% lower than Chicago. Plus, you’ll love coming home to a low-cost city with an unemployment rate nearly 4 percentage points lower than New York City or Chicago.


Family-Friendly Community

When we were looking to buy a home, we needed to live somewhere our family could grow. That’s why we fell in love with Charleston. It’s one of only two places on Earth where your toes can be in the water while your head is under an umbrella. At any time of year, you can access miles upon miles of gorgeous beaches and great fishing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. There are enough biking trails here for weeks’ worth of exploration. An 18-hole golf course is just steps from our front door; another beautiful public golf course is only three minutes away by car. Cycling options also abound, from paved paths for casual rides to challenging terrain for advanced cyclists.


Low Traffic Levels

Traffic is a big deal for me. Living in Charleston, SC, I have access to many highways leading to other parts of our state and country. Whether going out to dinner with friends or traveling across town for work, traffic levels are always on my mind. If you’re looking for some more peace of mind when living life here in Charleston. You should consider traffic levels before buying your new home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get around town that are easy on your patience. Did you know that public transportation makes up approximately 10% of all travel? That being said, it only makes sense that you’ll want convenient access to great public transportation options to avoid unnecessary headaches on your way home from work or during meal times.


Easy Commute from Outer Areas of SC & GA

The Lowcountry is home to some of South Carolina’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Part of what makes a living here so enjoyable is its well-manicured neighborhoods. There are so many things to do in Charleston, but you can relax at home. Just minutes from downtown, it’s easy to get anywhere around town. Including Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head Island—in less than an hour. That’s why we make our home here! As locals know, there are great outdoor activities all around, but it doesn’t take long to get out of town if we want something new or different for an evening or weekend adventure.


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