Most Popular Interior Paint Colours

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for Each Room in 2022

What colours will be the most popular interior paint colours in 2022? That depends on what colours you like, of course, but also on which colours tend to sell best in your area and which have been hot sellers in previous years. Here’s a look at the top 5 most popular interior paint colours in each room based on forecasts from Paint Colors Now. These should give you some good ideas if you’re planning to repaint your home soon or even just thinking about it.


Most Popular Interior Paint Colours for Kitchen & Dining Room

Sherwin-Williams Siren. This colour is a beautiful light greyish blue, and it will be trending strongly throughout 2017 and into 2018. Sherwin-Williams predicts that it will be one of their best-selling colours of 2017. While we don’t recommend painting your dining room or kitchen wall with paint from any single year’s trendiest list, we think Siren would look great on a door or ceiling. Or, if you have an accent wall in your kitchen or dining room, why not try a trendy new colour? (If you’re looking for more ideas to freshen your home, check out our post on interior design trends.)

Most Popular Interior Paint Colours
Light Greyish Blue

Most Popular Interior Paint Colours for Living Rooms

Subdued earth tones are so on-trend. In fact, according to James Hardie’s US colour trends survey, not only are neutral colours dominating interior design schemes, but light taupe and beige colours will be popular choices by homeowners. If you want to make your living room feel cosier, green and yellow shades will do just that! For a warmer look, pair grey or taupe walls with white or camel brown furnishings. This is also a great way to incorporate pops of colour into your space without overpowering them.

Light Taupe

Yellow Green Shade

Most Popular Interior Paint Colours for Bedrooms

If you want a room that feels both cosy and elegant, consider adding a velvet or velour accent wall. Blue-gray is an increasingly popular colour, thanks to its soothing effect on adults and children. To give your bedroom a sense of depth, use darker hues of blue-grey along with earthy browns as accents. If you don’t love blue-grey, red may be your style; modern interior designers use shades of burnt orange to make rooms appear more prominent.



Painting your bathroom can be an effective way to reinvigorate a tired space. Bathrooms require bolder, more colourful colours than other rooms, but finding that perfect hue can be tricky. Looking forward to 2022, here are some of our favourite paint colours for bathrooms. We’ve included a few shades for each room—so you can choose what works best with your existing decor. For example, if you have green tile in your shower, it might not make sense to choose purple as one of your primary colours! If you need help choosing interior paint colours for your home, don’t hesitate to ask us; we’re happy to help. Blue-Green colour could be the best one to pick.


Hallways & Staircases

Add a pop of colour to dark spaces with grey paint. The grey will make your hallway seem lighter and keep it from cramped. Be sure to choose a light hue so it doesn’t overpower other colours you might use on nearby walls, like blues or greens. You can also try using white on your staircase, as long as you don’t go overboard; too much white can look stark and cold.

Grey Light Hue

Home Office & Basement

Pale green and light brown are popular interior paint colours for home offices and basements. The green represents freedom, calmness, and happiness, while brown inspires a sense of security. These colours will add to a space where you do your work or relax after a long day at work. It’s best to use lighter shades of these colours because darker shades can make spaces feel smaller.

Pale Green
Light Brown

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