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Summerville is in which present-day comforts meet antique school allure. One of the extremely good places to live in is Charleston SC if you are seeking out a quiet region with-inside the centre of everything! And is one of the best places to live in Charleston.

Brief information of Summerville

The metropolis was modified into at the start known as pineland village in the course of the late 1700s because of the large abundance of pine trees with-inside the location. The first populace settled in after the American modern war.

Summerville became inaugurated in 1847. That same 12 months Summerville has emerged as one of the first towns with-inside America that passed a law in competition to reduce down wooden without valid clearance from the neighbourhood government.

This opened Summerville to consumers and immigrants. Summerville have to turn out to be the proper place for patients recovering from Tuberculosis all through the 1890s. The dry air with turpentine derivatives released through the manner of the pine trees helped with-inside the recovery of throat and lung ailments.

Where is Summerville located

Summerville is bordered to the east thru the manner of way of the metropolis of Lincolnville. The limits growth, carrying out the Ashley River after Old Fort Dorchester State Historical Park.

The Southeastern element of Dorchester county is the centre of Summerville. The borders increase Northeast into Berkeley and Charleston counties.


Charleston international airport (CHS/KCHS) is the closest essential airport. The distance from the centre of Summerville to the airport is 11. 4 miles.

Summerville airport is a county-owned, public-use airport located five nautical miles northwest of the metropolis’s business company district.

Real Estate

Summerville is an immoderate growth suburban area west of Charleston. This city is one of the tremendous places to live in Charleston, SC due to its steady and serene communities. Home customers usually generally tend to get a better rate for the coins proper right here. New home options are taken into consideration as there are currently new enhancements with primary Charleston builders occurring with-inside the location.

If you want to get and revel in the southern enchantment and neighbourhoods that Summerville has to offer, We are proper right here for You. Tell us extra about what you are looking for out. We’d be extra than happy to make guidelines on neighbourhoods in the manner to your needs.

Recreation and Amenities

As a metropolis that takes pride in its rich statistics The…colonial Dorchester state historic internet -line is a close-by desired for visitors and residents alike. Locals are treated to the breathtaking views beneath remains of the brick bell tower of St. George Anglican Church. Catching a glimpse of an extended wharf at some point of low tide or viewing the fort press made of an oyster shell concrete (called tabby) are sights properly really well worth seeing.

Schools serving the Summerville Area

Summerville offers the best public education as it is underneath neath the Dorchester School District (District 2). It’s a top educational facility with-inside the area Summerville High School boasts of a 10,000 capacity memorial stadium. This is the go-to spot for info-to district football suits or neighbourhood concerts.

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