Ben Sawyer Construction

If you’ve been in Charleston for any amount of time, you know that the Ben Sawyer bridge walking path is one of the most used routes for walkers, runners, bikers, & even skaters.

Recently, the town of Mt. Pleasant announced they were closing the path for the next six months to install a new water line that would allow for cleaner, more sustainable water supply (mildly bothered by what the water source looked like before this). I digress. This route has hands down one of the most breath taking views of both the intercoastal water way and the sunrise/sunset. It also remains a drawbridge since its original completion in 1945 during WWII. How cool is that? While it continues to remain closed for a few more months, I was lucky enough to get waved through about two weeks ago for a sunrise run. My favorite spot to park is Publix (hello no parking tickets or towing) and then run across to touch the water on Sullivan’s Island. It doesn’t count as a “beach run” without doing so. If you have a little more time spend on Sullivan’s Island once on the other side, check out The Co-Op, Poe’s, Mex 1, and Home Team BBQ for some of my favorite foods and spots to hang.

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