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It should come as no surprise and probably almost sounds like a broken record but…’s another reminder: The housing inventory is sooooooo low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low (in my best Flo Rida singing voice). So when buyers are looking, putting in offers on multiple offer situations, getting rejected, and eagerly waiting hour to hour for new homes to magically appear on MLS, my next thought is NEW CONSTRUCTION. I know what you are thinking, doesn’t that take forever? What about the issues? The resell? The headache of picking options? Let me put your mind and worry at ease.

In Charleston, we are fortunate to have a wide array of builders with a multitude of new build communities. You can choose a builder that hand selects all features, offers 5-10 home plans, and gives you the keys once it’s complete. Or you can completely start from scratch with a custom builder and choose everything from the floor tile in the laundry room to the light switch in the guest bathroom. No matter which route you select, the options are endless. Which brings me to my next point….did you know that many larger home builders within master plan communities have “special” lists with houses that aren’t currently listed on MLS? These homes tend to be 60 or more days out from completion but also allows for a buyer to get in early and have a “plan” in place vs. waiting for the right one to pop on the market.

Larger home builders bring more to the table then just a home to market. Many have their own finance departments and insurance underwriters which can offer the buyers more options for loan rates and monthly payments. I’ve also seen them beat other area quotes to ultimately get the best deal for in house use. Let me keep building the hype, shall I. Many of these homes come with upgrades, warranties, incentives, and allowances. While all of them are very different in their techniques and offerings, I’ve worked with most of them and depending on what you are looking for, they are all repetable.

When first moving to Charleston, three years ago, we chose a new build. It seemed to be the best bang for our buck and completely brand new, with all new appliances, blinds, and money towards our closing costs. After two years, we sold that home with equity earned and are currently building another one (we wild). I enjoy the new build process and seeing something new come to life. It also takes out the hassle of offers, counter offers, rejection notices, repair procedures, and the never ending frustration of not finding a home you love.

Thinking of building….I have a running list of Charleston’s best builders and inventory currently available.

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