West Columbia with a Big History

West Columbia

The Small Town of West Columbia with a Big History

For many people, it’s just another small town in South Carolina with nothing exciting to offer. However, this town was founded as the town of Brookland, called after the abundance of clear-water brooks in the region, and was subsequently renamed New Brookland. It changed the charter to West Columbia in 1936. While it may not have the population of its larger neighbours, it certainly has its fair share of history and some unique attractions worth visiting if you happen to be in the area.

A brief history of West Columbia

Founded as Brookland, South Carolina, in 1883 and renamed New Brookland in 1888, West Columbia was incorporated as a town on April 10, 1936. It was known colloquially for many years as Hub City because it’s located at the intersection of I-26, I-77, and U.S. 76. West Columbia is also home to Fort Jackson—the most significant military training base in America. Fort Jackson is about 65 miles southwest of downtown Charleston on an 800-acre tract near Goose Creek (where you can visit several great museums). During World War II, German prisoners were kept at Camp Jackson there—now it’s home to over 45,000 active-duty soldiers every year.

Interesting facts about West Columbia

The town was settled by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians from Pennsylvania and Virginia, who named it after their hometown, Brookland, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It became an important trading centre for farmers in southwestern South Carolina and northeastern Georgia. The name changed to New Brookland in 1854, West Columbia in 1936, and its present name in 1994. This change came during the construction of two federal highways that converge at one point near downtown: I-77 (signed North/South), which runs North to Charlotte and South to Charleston; and I-20 (signed East/West), which runs East to Augusta and westward towards Atlanta.

Best restaurants

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What to do when you’re there

While it’s not big on shopping or entertainment, most people pass through on their way to Myrtle Beach. South Carolina, West Columbia is still worth your time. Plenty of great restaurants in town have a very small-town feel (something you won’t find at fancy hotels). Making it easy to get away from it all for a bit. Be sure to eat at Melting Pot and try some pimento cheese! Yum!

Must see while there

With little over 40,000 residents, it’s easy to get around. As one might imagine from its name. If you enjoy antiques and old buildings. Make sure to take in some of these historic structures that help tell West Columbia’s story. The Leventhorpe Mansion on Tradd Street is an 1880 Italianate-style Victorian home and one of West Columbia’s most historic homes.


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