The Early Bird Diner Charleston, S.C.

Best Southern Early bird

The Early Bird Diner Charleston, S.C.

With a vast range of breakfast, lunch, supper, and late-night hot plates, this welcoming, budget-friendly West Ashley Diner offers a true southern experience to locals and tourists in Charleston. The Early Bird Diner is one of Charleston’s finest restaurants.

The Early Bird Diner which lives up to its name by offering late-night service until 4 a.m. on the weekends, it’s a reliable choice for cheap southern food in the Charleston area. To satisfy your comfort food demands, look for Southern cuisine items like their famed chicken and waffles, fried pork chop with pepper jam, blackened catfish, and Meatloaf. Assuming you’re going to eat early for an early weekend lunch, arrive on time! Lines are routinely formed in the impression of a desire for an early bird Diana hangover treatment!

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The Early Bird Diner Suggested for southern in light of the fact that

Comfortable, unpretentious, reasonable, and filling: these are the main descriptions of the traditional meal you will love in this restaurant.

The chicken and waffles at this restaurant are legendary! Get there early to order this traditional Southern dish!


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