Best Bars in Charleston SC

best bars in charleston sc

Best Bars in Charleston SC

Charleston is a city of history, heritage, and culture. One of the best places to experience this rich tradition is in the local bars. From historic pubs to modern cocktail lounges, Charleston has an abundance of great watering holes.  Best bars in Charleston SC, Serving Craft Beer, Cocktails with Local Flair.

Best Bars in Charleston SC, Serving Craft Beer, Cocktails with Local Flair the Charleston cocktail scene is one of the most dynamic in the country. These are some of the best bars to visit for a drink that won’t disappoint. Whether you’re looking for craft beer or cocktails with local flair, these are some of the best places to go in Charleston to have a drink.

Charleston’s Bars, Serving Craft Beer, Cocktails with Local Flair

Charleston’s Best Bars, Serving Craft Beer, Cocktails with Local Flair Charleston is a city full of history and culture. The good news for visitors is that Charleston has some great bars where you can enjoy all types of drinks. From your favorite craft beers to cocktails with local flair, there are places in the Holy City to suit everyone’s taste. Here are just a few of the best bars in Charleston that serve delicious food and drink selections.  Find every Best of Charleston.

The Belmont Lounge

The Belmont is a place for discussion, reminiscing, and unwinding after a long day—all while sipping on some unbelievably well-made drinks. Get to the Belmont early to avoid any Saturday lines, which emerge primarily because the Belmont keeps the bar from being too packed. Read more…

Top Local Flair Cocktail Bars


Proof is appropriate for almost every situation—or lack thereof. Come for a celebration, a date, or just because. The proof will assist you in treating yourself. Arrive a little early to secure a table for two at the bar or a countertop with a view of the street. People watching on King Street and beautifully made cocktails go well together. Read more…

The Rarebit

Rarebit is all about classic drinks reinterpreted, a retro-cool ambiance, and brunch cuisine for those post-drinking late-night munchies. Yes, you should order the Moscow Mule, but try something new! Also, make sure you remain late enough for late-night breakfast. Read more…

The Gin Joint

The Gin Joint is a perfect East Bay stop for any self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseurs or aspiring mixologists. Before traveling to your East Bay Street reservations, stop by The Gin Joint for a pre-dinner beverage and nibble. Read more…

The Rooftop

This rooftop bar is a wonderful place to start your evening out in Charleston, with stunning harbor views and an elegant setting. The Vendue Rooftop is only open until midnight, so plan to start your evening here to take advantage of the stunning sunset views of Charleston Harbor. Read more…

best bars in charleston sc

Bay Street Biergarten

With its “Bavarian Inspired, Southern Made” flare and beer geek certified tap tables, Bay Street Biergarten is a very unique Biergarten setting. Check out the Bay Street Biergarten’s Facebook and Twitter pages for future events and occurrences such as Ladies Night, live music performances, and Happy Hour deals! Read more…

Top Local Flair Cocktail Bars

The Cocktail Club

The Cocktail Club has a more private ambiance than the crowded local bars, and the emphasis is clearly on serving the greatest cocktails. Check the Cocktail Club’s website and social media accounts to see if a cocktail class is being held during your visit! Read more…

best bars in charleston SC

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